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Community Geomatics Centre/GIS

The Community Geomatics Centre (CGC) is unique in Canada, in that it functions as a not for profit organization to promote and establish the partnerships and technological means to efficiently share geospatial data, tools and knowledge amongst community organizations to create safer, healthier and more prosperous communities.

At the core of the CGC solution is a dynamic team of highly skilled IT professionals, cutting edge municipal, utilities and health data models, tools and a highly secure data warehouse.

The CGC delivers a community-based GIS solution to more than a dozen organizations at affordable costs. Enormous amounts of data are being shared by all organizations to solve enterprise and inter-enterprise issues. GIS expertise is well entrenched in the area, and it is being transferred to the private sector. In addition, the entire community is benefiting from the enhancement of the IT expertise.

In recent years, the CGC has expanded the municipal and utilities GIS in innovative ways in order to address health and social issues in the community. Using the already established CGC GIS solution and the municipal dataset as background layers, social and health agencies were approached to join the CGC partnership to improve the community’s overall operation and health.

This approach brought about significant improvements in services from all sides thus allowing services to be optimally delivered to areas where they are needed most. Early results have indicated improvements in public safety and health delivery, reductions in municipal liabilities and more effective use of budgetary resources.

Building Partnerships
CGC Partners have bonded together in this cost sharing / benefit sharing partnership to improve the way they do business. Data sharing is undertaken in a secure and efficient manner within the limits of each organization’s privacy policies. This generally means data sharing at a postal code, neighborhood or census tract area.

Current partners:

Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre