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Community Assistance Trust Mapping (2013-2014)

Client: United Way

The Community Assistance Trust (CAT) program focuses on reducing the impact of poverty for those in the greatest need and assists individuals in reaching services.  The CAT program provides financial assistance in the following areas: eyeglasses, dental services, baby safety items, rental arrears (to avoid eviction), and home heating-utilities (to avoid disconnection).  The CGC undertook a mapping project to analyse the spatial distribution of clients of the CAT program, specifically those who requested dental services and utility assistance.  The results were mapped in two ways: by spatial density, and by rolling up to neighbourhood level.  Both of these mapping methods ensure that the data could not be used to identify any particular client.  The mapped results were used in part to advise the United Way of the geographic areas where services are needed most, as well as provide additional information about the downtown.  The CGC has been given permission to present the mapped results of this analysis to the community at large to advocate for services in the identified areas.

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