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Early Years Digital Sign-In (2014-Present)

Client: Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma Best Start Networks and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services

As part of the MCYS’ Community Integration Leader (CIL) project, the CGC was asked to designand develop a digital client sign-in application for the Best Start Hubs of Algoma.  This application was to replace a paper based system that required hundreds of hours of data entry and mapping with limited information other than age categories of attending children, postal codes of attendees and general numbers of adult and child visitors.

An interim solution was developed early in the project and was piloted in three Best Start Hubs utilizing a tablet computer and web based data entry application. This application eliminated data entry time to capture the sign in information and provided more accurate postal code information and additional data including time of attendance and day of attendance.

While the interim solution was in place, the end solution was being designed and developed. This solution is a mobile application which uses QR codes on smart phones or QR codes printed on laminated cards. The parent or caregiver places the QR code to the sign in tablet and all children under their care will appear to be confirmed in attendance. This solution is based on a membership approach where parents and caregivers become members of the Hubs. This membership approach will provide better and more detailed information about the parents and caregivers and will enable determination of unique visits and the ability to provide better communication to Hub visitors.

The sign in solution developed could be implemented in Best Start Hubs across Ontario with minimal modifications. 

Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre