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Awards and Achievements

National Awards

ESRI Inc. – Health GIS Conference: Communication Award (2008)

ESRI Inc. – International Special Achievement in GIS (2007)

ESRI Canada – Award of Excellence (2006)



ESRI Canada - Award of Excellence (2012)


Regional Awards

URISA-OC - Best Public Sector GIS (2015)
URISA-OC - Innovation in GIS Award (2012)
URISA-OC - Best Public Sector GIS (2012)
URISA – Best Public Sector GIS (2009)
URISA – Leadership in the Field of GIS (2006)
URISA – Best  Municipal GIS Award (2006)
Image coming soon. URISA – Silver Award – GIS Leadership in Ontario (2005)
URISA – Best Municipal GIS Award (2003)

Local Awards

  • Chamber of Commerce – Community Capacity Building Award (2007)
  • Sault Ste. Marie Police Services – Commitment to the Community Award (2005)


  • ESRI Canada – Designated Most Comprehensive Municipal GIS in Canada (2003)
  • ESRI Inc. - Designated Most Comprehensive Community GIS in the World (2008)
  • Canadian Urban Institute - Designated Canada's First True Information Utility (2006)
  • Doug Girvin, Stantive Technologies Group 2011 on Wood Buffalo Shared Services Partnership Proposal

    “The CGC has compiled one of the most comprehensive and intelligent utilities infrastructure databases in the world.”

    “The CGC has compiled one of the world’s most complex and comprehensive GIS systems.”

  • CFN Consultants Inc. 2011 on Final Report regarding the Feasibility Study for the Southwest Nova Scotia Community Information Utility

    “The closest ‘pure’ Community Information Utility (CIU) model that the Consultant Team was able to find in an extensive benchmarking and literature review process was the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre development.”

    “The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre is considered to be the definitive model of the CIU in Canada. With a history of more than a decade in operating this innovative Centre, Mr. Beach is considered to be an expert in the field and because of the leadership that he has shown in developing the CIU concept, he has become a noted authority on their development.”

    “The SSM CIU is, without question, the most advanced organization of its type in Canada.”

    “Over the past decade, the SSM CIU has been leading the country in respect to the novel application of the use of spatial data with advances in transportation management, natural and resource management, economic development, municipal governance and management, but, also, for the purpose of improving health and social services.”

Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre